Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Dissertation//201112 Sources & Draft.

A documentation of my dissertation work to date, and preparation in regards to the written content I will produce for feedback in my dissertation tutorial with Jenny tomorrow.

At this stage, I'm a little disappointed with the quantity of work. At this point I feel as though I should have been far more prepared at an earlier stage to not have to face these apparent difficulties in balancing my dissertation work with my design practice at this point (over Christmas I'm going to give it some real focus). 

Looking forward to meeting up with Jenny soon to discuss some of my potential ideas and direction, and, generally, just to see whether or not the standard I'm currently writing at is strong, or what I can focus on to improve my outcomes and basis of understanding throughout my written work.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Dissertation//Written Plan.

Something I should have done long by now (but now feeling so relieved that it's done so I can well and truly make a good start on my written content, but hopefully not letting my Design Practice work slip too much), finally put together a written plan for the structure of my dissertation, which will hopefully give me a little more focus within my work, and can be seen my Jenny for (hopefully!) some constructive feedback in my tutorial on Wednesday afternoon whereupon I'll hopefully also have a significant body of writing to show by that point.