Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Dissertation | First Draft Submission Tutorial Feedback

Notes from today's feedback during my dissertation tutorial with dissertation supervisor, Jenny Hutton, after the initial submission of my first draft.




- Look at URL with web- based/online Harvard Referencing, make it easy to follow and navigate for the reader.
- Look at LCA Harvard Referencing conventions online.
- Look at regulations for applying folios and headers (with name) to each of my pages.


- Look at Design & Emotion by Don Norman (Cognitive Scientist... looks at the visual, reflective influence branding plays upon the consumer psyche).
- Don Norman- Why We Love & Hate Everyday Things (consumer levels and how we respond to purchasing... conscious and subconscious).
- Don Norman TED talks... search online for insight into his theories and practice.


- Reflect on what I'm trying to achieve from the dissertation- how will it influence my practice, what will be learnt from the findings? At the end of the introduction, summarise how I intend to look for effective branding and marketing to affect the consumer subconscious, and what makes for positive ethical and sustainable brands, and how they brand and market themselves most effectively, and what the industry can learn from this.
- Condense my information and background on Innocent and develop chapters based on consumer feedback in the survey.
- Make more of a point of my survey findings and what relevance they have- analyse the fact that there may potentially be flawed information, and summarise on opinions.
- Introduce Joe's interview as one that was partaken for the sake of the dissertation.

- See other notes throughout printed draft documentation for more information.

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