Monday, 19 December 2011

CTS Essay//Preparation//Research//The Innocent brand.

Values and aims of the Innocent brand- similar to a mission statement- their aims and ambitions for the brand, how they want to be percieved, etc:

our purpose
make food good

Our purpose is to 'Make natural, delicious food and drink that helps people live well and die old'. Simply put, we're all about making natural food and drink that is a source of pleasure, delivers a boost to vitality through its health benefits and provides the nutrients (found naturally in fruit and veg) that help the body fight disease, so we can all live a bit longer. As such, everything innocent makes will always be 100% natural, delicious and nutritionally net-positive, so people are physically and mentally better off after they have eaten our food than before. In otherwords, we want to be a trojan horse in society, getting as much fruit and vegetables into people as possible, to help us all live well and die old. 

our long term vision

Staying true to our purpose will give us the best shot at achieving our vision of innocent becoming

the earthÕs favourite little food company

a company that makes delicious, healthy, natural, ethical food universally available for all. It's a big task - to do so we're up against the biggest food and drinks companies in the world who have billions of pounds of resources at their disposal. But never underestimate the power of a group of people who believe in what we're doing.  

our values

We have one core principle around which we make all our decisions:

create a business we can be proud of

The test being that when we’re all old and grey and sitting in our nursing homes, we want to be able to look back and be really proud of the business we all helped to create.
We have broken this down into five simple values, each reflecting what we are, how we do things, and where we increasingly want to be:

Be natural
We want to make 100% natural, delicious, healthy stuff, 100% of the time. For us, being natural is also about keeping it human and putting people first. We want to treat others, especially our drinkers, as we’d like to be treated ourselves.  

Be entrepreneurial
innocent began as a small, entrepreneurial company, and nothing much has changed. We chase every opportunity and try to be as responsive as we can - to our consumers, our customers, and to opportunities in the market. We want to be creative and challenge the status quo. We want to do what we do better than anyone else, and have fun doing it. 

Be responsible
It’s so important to us to be true to our principles, to keep our promises and to do what we believe is right. We have to be conscious of the consequences of our actions, in both the short and the long term. And we hope to leave things a little better than we find them, and to encourage others to join us too.

Be commercial
We are a commercial business and so creating growth and profit for us and our customers is central to what we do and why we are here. We need to be tough, but at the same time fair. We need to think clearly, act decisively and keep the main thing the main thing.

Be generous
With our feedback for others, with our time when coaching others, with rewards when people deliver, and with our charitable support. It’s that simple.


The "cheatsheet"- great for quick, easy info, facts and data for content and reference within my essay- such as the growth of employees within the company, and the global reach of the brand, etc.

The range of products currently available for purchase within the Innocent brand- potential to discuss the growth from Innocent Smoothies to veg pots, juices, etc- expansion of healthy products?

The 2008 Innocent annual report (screenshots from the downloadable PDF- really interesting information about what they "did right" and what they "learnt" along with statistical and factual information about the brand 
and it's growth.


Further information, statistics and key material about the Innocent brand that could be incorporated into my essay to help give gravitas to my case study, and evidence the success of branding in promoting sustainability and health awareness. 

Screenshots from downloadable PDF- ordinarily, I would turn PDF's into an Issuu- based document, however, in this case, I do not want to risk potential copyright infringement of the Innocent brand with their company data.




Books to buy/source for potential content in my pre- dissertation 2000 word essay, but a MUST for my further dissertation (if I decide to continue writing about the Innocent brand).

Information from the Innocent website about their latest publication- "A book about Innocent: our story and some things we've learnt" which looks at the past ten years of the company (est. 1999) and the growth- what they've done wrong, what they've done right, reviews, etc. Would be a great book to purchase to find out more about the company in an insightful and visually engaging way.